LADIES! Lifting Heavy Weights WILL NOT Bulk You Up!

Alright ladies! Get off those treadmills and ellipticals and listen up!
    Most everyone women has an image in their head of their most desired body. Now for the majority of you, in order for you to reach that goal, you MUST lift weights! That’s is the key to success and the bottom line. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But I don’t want to gain bulky muscle and look those female bodybuilders I see in the magazines.” Well guess what?! That’s great new because that’s not going to happen! I hate to break it to you but unless you shoot yourself up with hormones and/or eat a serious surplus of calories and supplements…that is never going to happen to your body. These women go through extremely regimented programs to gain that kind of muscle size and definition, they actually work very hard to make that happen to their bodies. It’s doesn’t just solely come from lifting heavy weights.
    Now, because of this common fear among females, most women tend to stick solely to their cardio routines. While you can lose weight that way, it will not get you to the body type you’re looking for. Doing only cardio will take your body, exactly the shape it is, and shrink it down. You will have to same body shape you had prior, just a bit smaller. This is why you need to add weight training into the mix. Lifting weights will give your body the shape and definition you’re looking for. You arms will be toned, your stomach will be flat and firm, your legs will be defined and cellulite free, AND not only are you looking healthier but you will feel healthier too which is most important!

    Ready to pick up some real weight and get started? Well hold on just a second because there is one more thing you need to know. FOOD IS GOOD! You must EAT to get to the body you want. Yes that’s right! I want you to eat not three but SIX times a day at least! Why do I want you to eat so much? Because your body needs fuel to burn in order to have the energy to lift weight and also build muscle. Now I’m not saying go fill yourself up with a burger and fries every three hours. I’m saying you need 3 well-balanced meals throughout the day plus 3 healthy low calorie snacks in between the meals. As a result, your meals will actually be smaller and your calorie consumption will be more consistently where you need to be. Diets high in protein and healthy fats are very important, especially for women and healthy hormone production. Carbohydrates are also very important and should be consumed based on your activity level. For example, if you know you are going to lift heavy for a leg or back day you should consume an adequate amount of complex carbohydrates the day before to give your body the energy stores it needs to complete the workout. On the flip side, if you know you will be taking a rest day, that is a good time to ease up on the carbohydrates and increase your healthy fats and proteins to help with your muscle recovery. This trend is known as “Carb Flexing” a term we will go into another time.

     Now it is time to get you ladies lifting some weight! So you might wonder exactly what kind of lifting you should be doing to achieve the body you want. Well, for the majority of women, I always recommend learning two of the best compound lifts. Compound meaning they are working multiple muscles groups at the same time. These lifts are the Back Squat and the Deadlift. Both extremely form based, difficult to do correctly for beginners, and very effective in toning your legs, butt, and abs. Common areas that most women struggle to see progress and definition, but also want the most! Learning, practicing, and gaining strength with these lifts will improve your posture, increase overall body muscle tone, contribute to weight loss, and more! By adding in these compound lifts with upper body lifting and cardio/high intensity training, there is no reason why you can’t achieve your DREAM BODY in no time!!

So remember ladies, don’t be afraid to go heavy with those weights…your body will thank you!!

**Please consult a professional before attempting Back Squats and Dead Lifts to ensure proper form and injury prevention**

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Enjoy the day and don’t forget to Empower Your Inner You!



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