Personal Training

  • Work one on one with a certified personal trainer for an individualized program that will help you reach your personal health and fitness goals

  • Grab your workout partner and work together with a certified personal trainer for a workout program that will help both of you reach your health and fitness goals

American Ninja Warrior Training

  • One on one sessions geared towards gaining specific strength, flexibility, and technique necessary to begin attempting and mastering Ninja Warrior Obstacles
  • Option of one session a week trained at Stone Core Ninja Fitness in Vacaville, CA to try the obstacles first hand if deemed ready by professional

Nutrition Plans

  • Meal Plan Recommendations
  • Caloric Intake Recommendations
  • Importance of High Quality and nutrient dense foods
  • Making better choices when eating out
  • Enjoying your food AND staying healthy and on track towards your goals
  • Weekly accountability check-ins via text/myfitnesspal

Workout Plans (Recommended post-one on one training)

  • Monthly Workout Schedule
  • Weekly Accountability check-ins via text or email
  • Monthly meetings to check progress and update program


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