Obstacle Course Training

  • Exercising to get fit and healthy is extremely important, but sometimes it gets boring! Why not spice up your fitness routine by setting a goal to train for something!!
  • One of the popular trends right now are obstacle course races because they're a fun way to challenge your body and accomplish something all at the same time!
  • Obstacle Course Races require:
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Balance
    • Agility
    • Flexibility, and
    • Courage
  • To train for an obstacle race means enhancing your overall fitness level and therefore greatly increasing your quality of life!

Types of Obstacle Course Races and Competitions


Spartan Race

There are a few different types of Spartan races, the Sprint (3-5 miles, ~20 obstacles), the Super (8+ miles, ~25+ obstacles), and the Beast (12+ miles, ~30+ obstacles).


Spartan Stadium Series

These races take place inside a professional sports stadium and there is NO MUD!! These races are a lot of fun to do with a group and a great way to up your fitness level!

tough mudder.jpg

Tough Mudder

Tough mudder also has a series of events to choose from with distances ranging from 3mi, 5mi, and 10mi. These races require teamwork and with the help of your fellow Mudders you'll overcome exciting obstaceles and adrenaline packed challenges!


Ninja Warrior!

If you love obstacles without all the running then Ninja Warrior training might the competition for you! Local Ninja Warrior competitions are now being hosted all over the country. Ninja training will bring your fitness up to a whole new level and help you accomplish things you've never done before!

Where to Start

  • Depending on the race or competition you decide to enter will determine the type of training regiment you should complete.
    • Step 1: Increase your overall general fitness including strength, flexibility, and endurance
    • Step 2: Maintain a healthy diet with balanced macro-nutrients to give your body the fuel to train
    • Step 3: Increase strength/power specific to the obstacles in your race
    • Step 4: Start training real obstacles to better prepare yourself for you race
    • Step 5: Go kill that race!


If you have never completed a race before OR if you have completed a race but weren't able to complete all the obstacles in your race or didn't achieve the results you wanted then Contact Us today and we will lead down the path to a SUCCESSFUL obstacle race!


SHUFIT's Owner Anna Shumaker has participated in a number of obstacle course races herself as shown below:

  • 2015 San Francisco Spartan Stadium Sprint
  • 2015 Lake Tahoe Spartan Sprint
  • 2015 San Francisco Urbanathalon
  • Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 Competitor, member of the Norcal Ninjas
  • 2017 American Ninja Warrior 9 Los Angeles Competitor
  • American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja, member of the Norcal Ninjas






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